As you all know, from the beginning of the year we’ve been working on improving what Unoffensive does as a collective. As well as our standard work as an anonymous direct action platform and prisoner support, we’ve been working on different publications and on producing more media in the form of documentaries. We filmed two episodes already before COVID stopped the world from running and we are planning on filming the third episode of the documentary series starting this September. (We aim to publish this series hopefully by the beginning of 2021!)

Alongside the extra work we’ve been doing attempting to create more media we’ve also had to work on the back end of our website making it a better and more secure platform.

Adding up all those expenses, plus the regular support to prisoners and their families, we are falling VERY short on money.

We want to remind folks how we work with money. We are completely volunteer run. We don’t have wages or pay for rent with donations. We are not “career activists”. Most of the cash fundraised goes towards prisoner and court support. When we have it, some money goes to new projects (like our documentary series). We are not here to make money. We are here because we have a passion about free media, direct action and education.

For that reason we are announcing a mega sale on our website. All our merch is for the next 72 hours 20% OFF. Every single order will include a bunch of stickers, and every order over 30GBP will also include a free copy of Wildfire Magazine! Not bad hey?

We hear you, you want to support but you have all our merch, or you don’t need any clothing and don’t want to grab extra stuff for no reason. You can send a donation via PayPal.

Our Patreon aims at 550USD per month as a good standard income to be able to cover website and server associated costs and send some money to prisoners. We’ve been losing patrons lately, so if you feel like you can afford it, please join the team.

Any donation right now is massively appreciated, but please only donate if you can. Capitalist society already juices all of us enough to barely manage to survive. If you can’t donate, please consider sharing or talking about it with your friends.



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