Documentary looking at the campaigns against the live export of calves from the Midlands and Suffolk. Features Carla Lane, Nancy Phipps, Pam Brown, Trevor Love and includes tribute to the late Jill Phipps who gave her life defending the animals.

It shows that the radical vs moderate conversation about campaigning is not a new thing with groups like CIWF and the Vegetarian Society rallying against doing demos at exporters’ addresses as that will not “make vegetarianism fashionable”.

Although this campaign managed to close down multiple live export points in the UK including Shoreham, Kent port still stands. Folks can hear more about the live exports campaign in the UK by following Kent Animal Defenders.


June, Czech Republic.

VIA: http://michalkolesar.net

“We lie in a cornfield and wait for the sunset. It is raining. We are wet and muddy. In front of us these is a fence, behind the fence there are several buildings, white and silent. Tens of thousands of birds are in these buildings, most people perceive them only as cackling machines for the production of eggs.
As if birds could not be desperate, feel hope or desire. As if they couldn’t enjoy caress and closeness and happiness. As if only a human being had a meaning and everything else was just for humans need and consumption.

As the guard was checking the areal, the strong light of his flashlight passed over our heads. He walked around the corner and disappeared in the dark. We waited for our patrol in the front to tell us if he is already at the gatehouse. And we can go.

There are three rescue actions in this report with a total of 77 saved animals.
Thanks to those who help us find safe homes for animals and those who care for them.


Mike Hill died on February 9, 1991. He was eighteen years old.

Those were the times when there were fierce battles of hunting saboteurs with hunters in Great Britain. At one Cheshire Beagles meeting, at the end of the day, two of the hunters loaded the hunting dogs into a pickup trailer and prepared to leave. The saboteurs thought they were going hunting to a different place, so three of them jumped on the trailer.

The car was driving at high speed on steep village roads. Saboteurs tried to remain on the trailer and the driver did not slow down. In one turning, one of the saboteurs, Mike Hill, tried to jump out, but got tangled under the wheels of the car. The car continued for about another mile.

They stopped when another of the saboteurs managed to break the rear window of the car. The hunter hit him with a whip. One of the saboteurs ran back to the limp body, the other to a nearby house to call an ambulance. The driver of the car, Allan Summersgill, drove off.

Mike Hill died where his broken body landed.



We’ve received a release from the ALFpo that we believe should be published and shared as far and wide as possible. It relates to the multiple actions the ALF has taken in relation to the murder of Regan Russell.

The press officer’s job is to be able to talk on behalf of ALF activists towards the media, newspapers and TV, explaining why folks would take action and keeping the activists safe.

Read it, share it, let folks know.


On the morning of Friday, June 19, Canadian animal rights activist Regan Russell was hit by a truck and murdered whilst peacefully protesting against a slaughterhouse.

The truck which killed her was carrying the very pigs whose plight she was attempting to draw attention to.

Despite being clearly visible to the driver, who accelerated towards her, and continued to drive even as her body was torn in half, no one has been arrested for the crime.

As a response, Animal Liberation Front (ALF) activists across the world—including the UK–have taken matters into their own hands in order to bring justice to Regan, and to the animals she lost her life trying to defend. Some of the actions taken are liberations; aimed at immediately changing the world for the animals involved. Regan wanted to save animals, and the ALF are directly saving animals from a suffering beyond our imagination. Other actions are acts of economic sabotage, aimed at making the meat industry unprofitable. We live in a world where a plant based diet is readily available, is healthier, tastes delicious, and would save the entire planet. If those involved in animal agriculture will not shift voluntarily to plant based production, then the ALF aims to force them there.

On June 19th, the day Regan was murdered, fifty turkeys being bred for Christmas were saved from a farm in the south east of England. In their communique, the ALF said: “We want to dedicate this action to Regan Russell, murdered under the truck wheels in front of a Toronto slaughterhouse, and we are hoping from our comrades worldwide to wake up to the reality that animal liberation is a war. Regan, like Jill or Mike, fell martyr in the fight for animal liberation.” Jill Phipps and Mike Hill were both animal rights activists, also killed whilst peacefully protesting (live exports and hunting respectively). Full report (including pictures):


On June 21st, Randal Parker’s abattoir near Andover, Hampshire, was attacked, with the tires of fifteen vehicles being slashed. The ALF claimed: “As we worked, we could hear the pigs inside the building, crying out as they await a death worse than our wildest nightmares. Our remorse that we had to leave them behind is only equal to our remorse that we could not have disabled the truck which murdered Regan.” Full report:


On June 22nd, Choice Cuts, a butcher’s shop in Brighton was attacked. The ALF stated: “We dedicate this action to Regan Russell, who thought doing something was better than nothing. We will remember you, the struggle continues and we will not let up.” Full report (including pictures):


Also on June 22nd, in the East Midlands, 14 chicks were saved from a factory farm where they would have been killed for meat. Full report (including pictures and video):


On June 25th, a butcher’s shop and livestock haulage firm were targeted in Alberta, Canada. The ALF declared: “It is time that we send a clear message to exploiters. Your time is up. Your reign of terror will come to an end. We will burn your slaughterhouses, we will destroy your death trucks and we will make your lives a living nightmare.” Full report (including video):


It is assumed such actions will continue, in memory of Regan and to bring about Total animal liberation.

For further comment, please contact the ALF Press Office: [email protected]

Please note, the ALF Press Office is not the ALF. We have no further knowledge on these actions beyond that which is printed in the communiques. We did not carry them out, and we don’t know who did.”


25th June, Ireland.

Received anonymously via email:

“In the early hours of the 25th June 2020, ALF Ireland members entered the country estate of Castledillon which resides in County Armagh.
This estate is used as a duck-hunt excursion by the family who own the land. There is one area within the estate in which ducks are encouraged to ‘house’ themselves, so that they are in the right locations in the day time for people to shoot. 

The ALF Ireland activists took it upon themselves to relocate the thirty-five ducks that were in the vicinity at that point in time, but believe there are possibly more than 200 residing in the estate. These ducks were then moved to a private pre-agreed location in which they have their own lake, free from maniacs pointing guns at them. 

Two hunt huts were also gutted and dismantled on the grounds of the property. 
The Castledillon Estate have their own website in which people can book hunt excursions on their land – in season – in which we would like to see taken down or dismantled in the same way their physical attributes on the estate were dismantled.

The ALF Ireland activists will not cease their actions against the Castledillon Estate until all the ducks are relocated and the owners cease using animals to satisfy people’s blood lust. 

Until all are free, none are free. Tiochfaidh ár lá.”

PHOTO: Duck release pond in Castledillon shoioting estate.


Let’s talk about prisoners because it is really needed and you have some homework to do.

To start with, we want to mention that Walter Bond has been released to prison and is now at a halfway home after a very lengthy prison sentence for arson.

Multiple folks have asked for an update on Peter’s situation. We have talked with his support team, who on advice of the lawyers have recommended to wait before sharing any more information. Once there is an address or a fundraiser we will be sharing it, but for now, we simply have to wait. The support team has created a Facebook page for his prison support specifically and you can follow it over on Facebook:


Marius’ appeal to release because of COVID risks was denied on the basis that he has “ties with the ELF”. Send him a letter. Talk to him about nature.

Finally, we need to talk about Eric King. He has been continuously framed in prison by the screws, he has had nazis thrown at him by the administration to beat him up and on the 18th of June, an unknown prison guard kicked the shit out of him in the showers. He needs out of that prison for his own security.

His support team are asking for phone calls to put pressure. You can find the telephone numbers on the linked website. If you are not from the USA, there is something else you can (and should) do. Eric is facing extra 10 years on multiple fabricated cases just because he is an anarchist and an antifascist and the prison guards are fucking nazis. Send some cash to his legal funds. Just a dollar or two, we don’t care. Just send some cash so he can get legal help and a lawyer can ensure he is moved away from the prison he is at before some fascist scumbag kills him or orders some other fascist prisoner to kill him. Do anything and everything you can to help him survive.

All Eric’s support links below:



Get on this, visit our prison support page to get information and write letters and please, share and support.




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21st June, Hampshire UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“For Regan Russell.

On June 21st we gained access to the Randall Parker slaughterhouse, near Andover in the UK.
Every single tyre on every single vehicle was slashed: 13 articulated lorries and two cabs, over 80 tyres in total. All of the vehicles were put out of action, including two from Sainsburys which were already pulled up to the loading bay, waiting to be filled with murdered corpses.
As we worked, we could hear the pigs inside the building, crying out as they await a death worse than our wildest nightmares. Our remorse that we had to leave them behind is only equal to our remorse that we could not have disabled the truck which murdered Regan.

We grew up on stories of the ALF, and we waited too long for them to come and help us. But now we realise, we are the ALF. All of us. And there are more of us than there are slaughterhouses. After generations of oppression, our generation will break this chain.