21st June, Hampshire UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“For Regan Russell.

On June 21st we gained access to the Randall Parker slaughterhouse, near Andover in the UK.
Every single tyre on every single vehicle was slashed: 13 articulated lorries and two cabs, over 80 tyres in total. All of the vehicles were put out of action, including two from Sainsburys which were already pulled up to the loading bay, waiting to be filled with murdered corpses.
As we worked, we could hear the pigs inside the building, crying out as they await a death worse than our wildest nightmares. Our remorse that we had to leave them behind is only equal to our remorse that we could not have disabled the truck which murdered Regan.

We grew up on stories of the ALF, and we waited too long for them to come and help us. But now we realise, we are the ALF. All of us. And there are more of us than there are slaughterhouses. After generations of oppression, our generation will break this chain.


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