Heartcure has organised an online prisoner letter writing day today and we should all show up for it. All you need is some paper and a pen and some ideas to write to prisoners.

– But why should I write to prisoners? 

Because the prison system is yet another capitalist tool to silence and put away those who do not fit into the standard of productivity that the current system wants to. Because activists are locked up in order to stop them from achieving change. Because solidarity is probably the strongest weapon you possess. 

– What if I don’t know what to write? 

This is a fair concern. As a rule of thumb, don’t write about anything illegal. Don’t talk about the prisoner’s case unless they do so. Don’t assume their innocence or guilt in relation to their case. Do talk about mundane things that are difficult to experience in prison. Going to walk your dog, a walk in the park, seeing sheep relax at a sanctuary… You can also read about them to learn what their interests are and then send articles about those interests. 

– I wrote to a prisoner once but I never received an answer! 

That can happen. There are many reasons, from screws not allowing letters to arrive to the person in prison, to lack of money to send letters, many things could’ve happened. Remember that you don’t write letters for you, but for them. Opening a window to your reality can be the best five minutes for someone inside of prison. 

– But what do you mean when you say “prisons are for burning”? 

We would 100% recommend you to read “What about the rapists”. It is a free zine on prison abolition and restorative justice that might help you understand a lot better why the prison system is broken, useless and should be left in the past. 

– Is there any other way I can help?

Yes! You can donate to prisoner support groups like Project FANG. You can visit the support websites of political prisoners and see if they have a book Wishlist to buy a book for them. You can organise local letter writing events and send a bunch of letters together as well as discuss with your community why prison should be abolished. You can. Visit your nearest prison and organise a noise demo to let people inside know that they are not forgotten. 

The concrete walls, the bars, the thick windows, the razor blade wire, the militarised workers.. They are all part of the same system that profits from criminality. Prisons are full of capitalist enterprises. From communications to cleaning and food, prisons are a business. Capitalist enterprises profit from the justice system deeming someone unfit to be in society.

Prisons are a muzzle for those who dare to speak up. They are a box for those who did not know how to survive within the parameters of capitalist law. They are the punishment for folks with mental health issues. They are one of the main root problems of this society and we should weed it out to build a better world. 



More info: www.unoffensiveanimal.is/prisonner-support

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