WHEN? 29th July.
WHERE? Wherever the fuck you want.

Folks at @heartcureclothing reached out to organise a collaborative event to raise awareness about anti-prison politics as well as to show solidarity with prisoners. All you need is to get some supplies. Pens pencils, plain paper and maybe some postcards. On the day, we will share addresses of prisoners for you to write to as well as tips on how to write to prisoners.

You’ll need to keep an eye out to know who can receive drawings or postcards and who has restrictions on post and can only receive letters on plain paper with black pen.

If you cannot afford that, you can also visit our website and use the contact for on our prisoner support page to write letters that we will print and post for you. Handy isn’t it?

Keep an eye out for any more information about the online event and spread the word far and wide. Remember that solidarity is our weapon!

PS: Wildfire Magazine has a whole article on how to write to prisoners. Grab yourself a copy of the magazine from our website (because we have a lot of them still!)


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