We have made the decision to cancel the planned event. It is sad and we cannot negate how fantastic the two previous weeks of action have been, but with the current situation and with people and borders in lockdown, trying to arrange an antispeciesist week in Hambacher Forst is not the easiest task.

The decision isn’t based just on the difficulty of organisation, but also with the intention to show that our priorities should be reshaped towards combating an overwhelmingly controlling state and towards showing mutual aid during this uncertain times.

For that reason, Liberate Or Die: From cage to Freedom has to be postponed. We aren’t giving up, we will organise the event next year, better and stronger than ever.

For now, remember that there is a lot of work to do on the streets. That you can combat the police state that this lockdown is cementing in many different ways. That you can help folks in need in your communities and that it is the perfect time to create an environment where neighbourhoods stops depending on the government and start empowering themselves. There is a lot of work to do and we count on all of you to make this worthwhile.

Never give up the fight. The animals and this planet depend on your willingness to become an accomplice against the oppression.



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