Disclaimer for the feds: Incite, Conspire, Inspire is a solely-for-fun section never designed to give real advice. The tools, tactics and ideas given on the series are only thought to entertain. We would never dream of anyone using any of this tools as a form of dissent and we do not promote, partake in or condone any illegal activities that might derive from said tools.

There is something inherently beautiful about a colourful riot. Do you know when the cops are walking down the street with their robot costumes singing the tune of the imperial march and everybody is a little bit excited and a little bit scared? Then all of a sudden, balloons start flying in their direction and there is an explosion of colours over them, covering their helmets, their googles and their shields, making them unable to see and also sad, wet and very sticky? Well, that is how you would make the streets colourful again. Or you know, if you want to visit the ministry of defence as you believe their murderous grey doesn’t suit very well their loving attitude towards people and would like the building to look deep red. Whatever floats your boat, we’ve got you covered (in paint). 

To make paint bombs you will need:

A recipient that can be thrown, like water balloons or Christmas baubles.

This recipe is simple.
Dilute the pain with 1 part of water, two parts of paint. This will make it runny, so if you want it to be a little stickier you might want to skip this step.

Grab your throwing recipient (if it is Christmas baubles you’ll need to slowly remove the top bit where you would hang it and fill up about 1/4 of the volume with sand. This will give it incredible aerodynamics, helping it fly exactly where you want it to be.

Add the paint and water dilution to the recipient and then close it. If using baubles you might need to hot glue them.

Throw wherever you want them to explode. We would never recommend anyone throwing them at people or private property so our recommendation is, of course, throwing it at white canvases and then capitalising on them by selling them for a million dollars each.

Other ideas might include filling up fire extinguishers with paint, or water pistols. The sky is the limit (or gravity in this case).

Enjoy and make sure that you bring a little colour to your life.

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