March, Lincoln UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“After much time spent looking through maps, we had identified a ‘free-range’ egg farm that we couldn’t not pay a visit to.

With the exception of an electric fence, which was easily crushed under-foot, we encountered few obstacles upon entering the site.
We undid the latches to the large shed, and two of us climbed in whilst the other two remained outside, keeping lookout and passing through the carriers we had brought with us.

Inside, the stench of ammonia was unbearable. We found our breathing was noticeably different after only a short while in there, and yet these chickens were densely packed in there. This was what they got to call home.

We quickly loaded as many as we could into the carriers, later counted as 26. 26 lives saved. They are now living happy, free lives at an animal sanctuary.

Without animal sanctuaries and individuals who are able to home these animals, we would not be able to liberate them. Please support your local sanctuaries, and if you find yourself with a free night, you know what to do…”

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