16th January, South East UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“After seeing the shit show that was “How to steal a pig and influence people” by Channel 4 we visited a farm and took two pigs who will never again be destined to slaughter. 

That documentary was so human centric and fame oriented that we had to make our own “How to steal a pig in three easy steps” video. The idea is obvious, whilst open rescue could be a useful tactic, we should consider the safety of the individuals helped free and our own freedom to carry on working, and no one should be engaging in open rescue as a tool to grow their social media presence and their business opportunities. 

It is about time that we shift the focus from our face to the individuals who we are supposedly aiming to help. It is their story, NOT OURS. Doing anything else make us self absorbed and ego driven. Liberation is communal and cannot be achieved by creating saviours and heroes that will “free all the animals”. We need more anonymous, quiet and smart individuals being accomplices in the fight for animal liberation and less pretty faces to follow on instagram. We need active participants not likes on posts.

To all the farmers out there outraged about how “dangerous it is that Channel 4 is promoting animal theft”; we existed long before Channel 4 published anything. We don’t need your shit TV to make us realise what it is right. 

And to aid the conversation in relation to money and donations we would ask people to rethink what they are doing with the resources. The animal liberation movement has to redirect what they have to spare towards worthy projects, be it grassroots campaigners, be it prison support and arrest support, or obviously sanctuary costs. 


Anarchopiglet Liberation Front. “

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