Part of what we do is to try and give tools to people to be able to take action and to feel more empowered in their activism. At the beginning of the year, we have four workshops lined up in Germany, Austria and Slovakia. If you’re close by you should come and have a chat, share your thoughts and learn from everybody attending! Our event are always for free as we believe knowledge should always be for everybody. We never charge anyone for travel, for accommodation or for any other silly shit.

As our workshops are logged on Facebook, we will create a Story Highlight on instagram for anyone who cannot access that platform to be able to get all the details they need. We would truly appreciate for people to share around the events to anyone local who would be interested in joining.

25th January, Mülheim an der Ruhr, Germany:

Who are the ALF? + Security culture: In this talk we will focus on the history of the animal liberation movement and its links to direct action as well as how security culture works and how people can keep themselves and others safe. This talk is not just for those interested in taking part in direct action and everybody can benefit from the knowledge shared.

26th January, Wuerzburg, Germany:

Security Culture + From a chair to a raid in 90 minutes, hypothetically: As well as talking about security culture, we will try a new talk for the first time! This talk is tailored to analyse actions from the past and learn what difficulties people face when deciding to take action, how they overcome them and that with the right state of mind, anyone can take whatever action they want to.

8th and 9th February, Vienna dan Bratislava:

We are super excited about this weekend event, split into two different locations. The talks are as follow:

Saturday 8th:

– “Who are the ALF? A history of the animal liberation movement” (90 min) 

– “From your chair to a raid in 90 minutes. Hypothetically”. (90 min)

– Screening + Open Discussion (maybe Behind the Mask, or if people haven’t watched it yet, The animal People, or If a tree Falls, or maybe we can analyse the soon-to-come new documentary by We Animals.

Sunday 9th: 

– “Security Culture for the Conscious Activist” (60 min)

– “Getting into places and causing havoc; a look to the past”.

– Violence and direct action, What is justified in the path to liberation? “What is violence and what is self-defense? What can we justify on the path to liberation? Guided open discussion.”

We cannot wait to see what comes out of that weekender as there is a lot of work and thought put into it, so if you’re around, please come by!

Check our stories to see all the event details and share it around if you know people who would be interested in it!

As always, we would like to remind people that we cannot do all this without your support. Our patreon is sadly at an all time low and we could really do with folks joining for even a dollar or two. If you have to spare, please consider doing so! You can have a look at our tiers on the link below:

If you’re unable to join a monthly donation scheme but you still want to send some coins to help us with our work, we have a PayPal. You can send your donation over here: [email protected]

See you in the next riot, or in the next workshop! 

Unoffensive Animal.

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