In 2017 and during the “Week of Action Against Speciesism” an egg laying farm was visited by the ALF. As well as taking a hundred chickens to safety, the humans involved destroyed crates upon crates of eggs, machinery and automated tools. They left messages for the farmer to read the morning after. 

The action was dedicated to Barry Horne. We decided to upload this video as we believe it to be quite powerful, not only showing how a free range facility looks like in the UK, but also giving an insight on how a barn is destroyed in just a few minutes. 

As always, the aim of ALFRIDAYS is to have an insight on what came before today in the path to liberation. We felt it was appropriate to showcase this specific video today as it was only this morning that we published a free range chicken report that has received multiple comments asking “why free range is wrong”. 

Read the report sent below: 


1st November (2017), UK. 


Received anonymously:

“Under the International Week of Action Against Speciesism, an egg-laying chicken farm in the north UK was sabotaged. Owned by James Potter, this farm supplies to main supermarkets around the country telling the fallacy of ‘free range’ as somewhat ‘not cruel’.

One hundred chickens were freed from their slavery, the machinery and disinfectants were sabotaged, all the eggs smashed and graffiti on the walls was sprayed on reading ‘EAT YOUR OWN EGGS’, ‘FUCK THE EGG INDUSTRY’, ‘BARRY HORNE, A LOVE WARRIOR’ and ‘BARRY LIVES IN THOSE WHO ACT’.

All hens are now safe and will live a life of freedom away from the exploitation of humans.

With this action, we would like to remember and give power to Barry. We do not forget and we do not give up. The Animal Liberation Front is only growing. We will fight against speciesism and we will extend our love and power to anyone oppressed by this system.

For a truly anarchist revolution,

against all hierarchies,

against animals being used as commodities.


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