16th November, South West UK.

Received anonymously via email:

“In a brief respite from the driving rain, we headed across the fields into the back of one of the multiple barns in a large farming complex. The vast sheds were crammed full of turkeys, each an individual, but with no space to hide or escape their hundreds of kin. Many had bald patches from being pecked by others. Proof of what a total shite lie “free range” is, they had no means to access their designated outside space, which was blocked off and completely overgrown with waist-high nettles. Clearly no non-human or human had been there for a long time.

Automated feeders whirred overhead as we swiftly but carefully grabbed five comrades and carried them on the first steps of their journey to freedom. Now they are safely rehomed, with comfy straw beds and the freedom to roam outside whenever they please. Life will be sweet for them now, but we remember with great sadness all who remain in those barns and in others across the country. It does not matter what is “free range”, no-one should be kept locked away and have their liberty removed, their entire lives a waiting game until they are brutally slaughtered. 

15 million turkeys are killed every year in the UK alone, mostly for Christmas dinners. If ever there was an urgent time to take action, it is now. 

NEALF, we hear you! Let’s spark a wave of action to end this year with a bang. We’ve seen some banging reports out of Italy recently – we nominate our Italian comrades, what have you got for us?

For total liberation worldwide!


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