As you all know, one of the campaigns we like joining the most is the badger cull sabotage in the UK. We’ve been at it for a few years and 2019 is not going to be any different. 

The badger cull in the UK targets tens of thousands of badgers in a period of six weeks by either trapping and then shooting or free shooting at night. 

We will be joining Underground Badger Syndicate in their adventures, looking for cages, finding hunters and pissing off farmers. If anyone wants to spend some time in the countryside acquiring very useful skills whilst helping wildlife, we would seriously insist on contacting UBS over PM and joining as the more people involved, the more serious the campaign will be. 

In other news, we’ve just spent some time in Italy during the European Animal Liberation Gathering, giving talks and mingling with anarcho folks we really like. We will bring you a whole update about it soon, but we must say it was a wonderful experience. 

Next place you can find us is HOF NARR (Switzerland) for a workshop on the 9th of August, and then we will join the Earth First UK Gathering, 14th – 20th of August. 

People have asked us if we will be joining the “Official” animal rights march in London. The answer is a tad complicated. Unlike previous years, the organisers have not invited us to give a speech and we have heard we are not very welcome there. We are unsure about why, but we also are not too bothered about being in the spotlight, so hopefully someone else puts a serious word about direct action and prisoner support on their speech so folks keep that stuff in mind. We will, however, set up a stall and sell some merch as well as receive donations because we find the solidarity and mutual aid at the march incredible and we really could do with funds. We have not asked for permission for this, but we also don’t care too much about it. So see you there, come and say hi! 

As you can all imagine, all that travelling and the badger cull preparations are expensive. And we are attempting to get a vehicle before the cull starts to be independent and more effective looking for cages. That, alongside all the cash we’ve spent on the past trips to workshops and the monthly money we send to some activists that are having trouble with the law make it a tad difficult to operate right now, so we could really do with the help.

If anyone is able to, please join our Patreon to keep us going monthly:

And if anyone wants to send a one-off donation to PayPal, they can do that on:

[email protected]

If you are unable to send cash, please share it around and make others aware of us, we are sure there are enough of us out there to make Unoffensive work! 


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