As many of you know, we’ve been receiving quite a few blows in the last few weeks. Our facebook page taken down, then being banned on Patreon, then getting our website down… whilst working on the ground in Hambacher Forst and attempting to keep up with the internet world.

Certainly, the cold has taken a toll on us. After talking to a good few different people, we have decided that a self care break is needed. Because the team is small right now, it means that Unoffensive needs to take a little break from online publishing for the time being.

That does not mean that we are giving up, that we are not carrying on the fight on the ground and by bringing news to the world. But for about two to three weeks our presence online will be reduced to a minimum (the merch folks might want to make a post when new stuff has arrived and we will probably post about Liberate or Die in the next few days) but we will not publish any hit reports or updates from the frontlines.

In fact, we are actually walking away from the frontlines and swapping it for a couple of weeks of sanctuary, animal cuddles and respite to restore our strength and our will to keep pushing forward.

Surely our regular followers will know that posting this is not an easy task. It actually has taken quite a lot of convincing by folks around us to stop for a bit, and it make us feel like in the future we should probably talk more about activism and self care.

Until we come back, please check Bite Back magazine (directaction.info) for ALF hit reports, CrimethInc. (crimethinc.com) for anarchist news and Earth First! (earthfirstjournal.org) to keep up to date with environmental struggle.

Whilst we are at it, please write some letters to prisoners. You can find a good few on our website under “Prisoner Support”. Solidarity is our biggest weapon.

Warm revolutionary hugs, the same rage (just under a blanket now) and kilos of biodegradable glitter to throw at cops.

Unoffensive Animal Collective.

PS: if anyone is able to support our work, liberapay isn’t working as well as we expected but you can still join and donate monthly if that works for you! www.liberapay.com/UnoffensiveAnimal

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