We have been at this for a little while and many people contact us with loads of different queries. From questions about workshops to Hit Reports, there are safe ways to send us whatever information is needed. 

Many times folks private message us about a question related to a post or asking how to support us. We are always happy to receive those messages via social media. 

For Hit Reports and any other lengthier topics like workshops or joining a future action or event, we ask you to take safety steps to protect your identity from a system that will most likely be monitoring our conversations. 

On our website we have a “Contact” tab where you can learn about how to do so safely, but we wanted to make a post about it so folks are informed in every platform. 

To mask your Internet address, we strongly advise you to use a VPN (winscribe, ProtonVPN or maybe the beta version of RiseUpVPN) and a Tor Browser. That helps you putting layers in between your internet service and the receiver, and whoever could be trying to access the information in between. This will only work if you close all other software applications connected to the internet and only use Tor after connecting the VPN. 

To mask your identity we ask folks to not use their personal email address. This will certainly contain personal information that should never be attached to a hit report, for example. Using a spam address like GuerrillaMail should work perfectly. 

When sending a report, personal details like names and ages should be completely avoided. It is unnecessary and unrelated to the action. Media (photos or videos) are strongly encouraged. They should be attached to the same mail, or uploaded (through Tor) to wetransfer, then pasting the link onto the email. 

PGP encryption is also advised but if the other steps have been taken and there is no need for a response, you should be sound enough to send it without it. If you use PGP, we might take over a week to be able to decrypt the mail so be mindful about the wetransfer self deleting times. 

This steps with links and our PGP key can be found on the link below.

We will not publish reports coming via Facebook or Instagram. 

We hope this all makes sense and we can all learn a little more how to keep safe online! 

Unoffensive Animal Collective. 

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