We are pretty sure that by now you folks are aware of the shit storm around the animal liberation and eco struggle in Europe. With folks in Hambacher Forst Besetzung resisting against RWE and the German filth trying to evict, Pont Valley organising a week of workshops and an amazing day of action (report of the coal mine blockade coming soon) and the badger cull starting in some zones and ready to start as a whole very soon, it is very difficult to cover all actions.

Regardless, we are resiliently joining activists everywhere and working hard to help wherever we can. The badger cull takes a special part in our struggle, so we have joined forces with many of our comrades and friends to run Underground Badger Syndicate and be able to work in multiple zones at the same time, bringing you fresh news as soon as we have them. We will undoubtedly and tirelessly fight against the completely irrational decision to murder badgers in the U.K. for as long as it is needed.

We are aware we have not responded to emails about workshops and some of the merch orders are late, we are doing our best to sort everything out as soon as possible. Please bare with us, we are doing as much as we possibly can.

Also, we have the new Agitator magazine, so drop us a PM if you want a copy!

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