Disclaimer for the feds: Incite, Conspire, Inspire is a solely-for-fun section never designed to give real advice. The tools, tactics and ideas given on the series are only thought to entertain. We would never dream of anyone using any of this tools as a form of dissent and we do not promote, partake in or condone any illegal activities that might derive from said tools. 

We’ve all been there. The demo gets rowdy and there are a few bricks being thrown at the nearest Starfucks. Walking in the countryside you hear gunshots a field away. You’re waiting in the queue at the bank and decide to rob it instead. You’re babysitting your nephew and Netflix seems to be down. 

We have a solution for all those situations and you’re probably wearing that solution.

No face – no case! might be a bit of an overstretch, but the reality is that masking up can keep you and many others safe. In a society where state surveillance is at all times high, with cameras on every corner and mobile phones in every pocket, covering your face helps greatly against that sneaky fucking camera that films you popping a McDonald’s window on a Tuesday morning. But you might not always carry a neck warmer on you, or one of those fancy fucks with three holes that cover your whole face, makes you look incredibly menacing and are ridiculously hot for a summer evening.

The solution is simple and will make you look like a badass ninja (so you can entertain your nephew, remember?). Pop that t-shirt off and follow these very easy steps:

1- Turn your t-shirt inside out. This will help with any branding that the shirt might have, hiding that badass Defend Direct Action bolt cutter print you got from Unoffensive Animal.

2- Put that t-shirt over your brain bucket, with the neck hole on your eyes (so you can see, duh).

3- Grab the sleeves of the t-shirt and tie them behind your head, tight enough so it holds, but not too tight you give yourself a fucking headache.

4- Arrange your eye-hole. Try covering your eyebrows and lift up the bottom as close to your eyes as possible, covering the nose. Then grab those two lil bastard folds on the side of your head and tuck them in making the whole thing nice and tight.

5- Finalise your ninja style. The label of your t-shirt is sticking up. Fold that thing in. Depending on your situation you might also want to tuck the end of your t-shirt under your hoodie so it doesn’t flap around, avoiding your enemies grabbing and pulling it.

6- Rob that bank. Or play ninja attack with your nephew. Up to you.

ON MASKING UP: The black mask is not a fucking fashion accessory. We get it, you put that mask on and look at yourself in the mirror and you feel badass as fuck. You might even take a selfie or two. Don’t be a fuckwit. Black masks are a tool. They help during a demo by avoiding folks being singled out. Even if you aren’t throwing bricks, it is a lot more difficult for the filth to find who it was if everybody is masked up! The same way, paired with some sunglasses, it can help cover skin colour of whoever is underneath it. Black masks are solidarity, even if you are never “Up to no good”.

When someone does an open rescue, an investigation or a photo-Op for instagram and they mask up whilst freely giving their name and surname away, they are simply capitalising on the looks as if a black mask was an accessory. Don’t be that person. When a black mask is the way forward, remember that it is helping you keep anonymous and it is helping the masses keep anonymous too. Behave accordingly. Tuck that fashionable pink hair inside and cover your tattoos and your nose piercing. You can show off all that later on, but for now, you are one with the masses and the masses have the power. For a world of freedom, black masks and gasoline. UA.

Video courtesy of We all miss Stimulator.

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Disclaimer for the feds: Incite, Conspire, Inspire is a solely-for-fun section never designed to give real advice. The tools, tactics and ideas given on the series are only thought to entertain. We would never dream of anyone using any of this tools as a form of dissent and we do not promote, partake in or condone any illegal activities that might derive from said tools.

As mobile phones become the standard in everybody’s pocket whilst being the perfect surveillance tool, activists need to find ways of utilising all the resources a phone can give without falling under a slippery slope of loss of privacy and security. That is what burner phones are for. 

Note that when we are talking about burner phones we refer to those phones without internet connection and smart features. Even though there are multiple attempts to secure privacy and security in smartphones, we would heavily recommend to never use a smartphone as a burner phone.

A burner phone is a phone you use during an action. After that action is finished, you dispose of the phone and never keep it. This ensures that some parameters that could be used to identify the devices to a specific location or action and that are actually stored on the phone, not the SIM card, are also erased. This is different to a disposable phone, which you would buy with the knowledge that it might get lost, broken or stolen.

Burner phones should be acquired paying cash. The same goes for SIM cards and credit for those SIM cards. If your country restricts the selling of SIM cards to a photo ID, you might want to consider a trip to a different country where you can get a few SIM cards that you might use later. 

A burner phone should NEVER be turned on at home or any other place that you normally frequent. In fact, they should be turned on during the action, at the location of the action only. This means that the phone will only be triangulated to the specific location where the action happened and nowhere else. This also includes turning off the phone. Once the action has happened and there is no more need for that burner phone, it should be turned off (and destroyed and disposed off) immediately.

Burner phones should only talk to other burner phones. This means that if you’re visiting the countryside and you need a way of contacting your driver, you and your driver will have a burner phone each that will be turned on when you are going to come out of the car. When you need to be picked up, you will use the burner phone to call the driver’s burner phone and let them know. Once you’re back in the car, both phones will be turned off and as soon as possible destroyed and disposed of.

Burner phones should never store telephone numbers with either legal names or standard nicknames of other people. You can simply save the telephone number related to a colour or an animal instead. Because they are single use, you are not going to have to remember who is who between way too many numbers anyway, so it should not be a problem. 

Burner phones should not be considered “safe” or “secure”. In a riot situation, for example, the police will be sniffing both phone calls and texts. That means that you should be as cryptic as possible with your communication and give as little information as it is needed. In an arrest situation and when you believe the police might’ve been sniffing that data transfer you should attempt to dispose of the phone before it is found on you. 

To sum it up, burner phones can be a very useful tool if used correctly. Never pay for it with a name attached to it. Never turn it on until it is needed, don’t add identifying information of your comrades to the phone, never use it to call non burner phones and destroy it as soon as the action is over. 

Keep safe and stay dangerous.


9th April, Veneto Italy.

anonymous report, from (translation):

“A lamb has been released from a slaughterhouse in Veneto, Italy.
He is now free and away from exploitation”


6th April, Sweden.

reported anonymously:


“We sprayed ‘Mördarmalin plågar djur’ on a meat and dairy commercial banner, by a big road, close to the concentration camp Lisasgården, a filthy dump of a ‘farm’ where hundreds of rabbits are crambed into small
wire cages, only to be killed for there skin and flesh, by the evil psykopath Malin Sundmark. Dead bodies were thrown all over the place.

This is how you find the rabbit killer:
Malin Sundmark(Animal abuser)
Rotfallet 24 77596 Krylbo
Social security number:
19731222 -7163

This hellhole will be closed!
Pictures are from the sprayed banner and from the rabbit farm



Since then, the rabbit farm has been confirmed closed. Direct action gets the goods.


17th February, Colorado USA.

Received anonymously via email:

On February 17th, a Dairy Queen in Loveland, Colorado was celebrating their record sales of stolen milk of r*pe victims. This location has had the highest volume of all DQs for both 2018 and 2019; the capitalists must have been over the moon. There was a protest from a local vegan activist group, but underground activists decided to give them a message that was harder to ignore. The fall of night came and we went to work. “Dairy = r*pe” was  painted on the side of their building, only to be haphazardly covered up with a cardboard sign the next day. Once a few other messages were left, their ordering screen met an all-too-eager hammer to sting their pockets and help their embarrassment level just a little more.

None are free until all are free. Will you stay stagnant in the face of this oppressive capitalist system? Or will you allow all these goings-on of the world to radicalize you and do what you can to fight back? Don a balaclava, practice mutual aid, continue your online activism. Whatever you can do, don’t give up. We’re approaching a turning point in world history. We can create change.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We considered not publishing/editing this report before publishing because of language. We relied upon advice from other folks who have been doing this longer than us and decided that we cannot police what the reports read but that it is important to encourage folks to discuss these topics.”


March, Czech Republic

Via: Michal Koleshar

“There are two rescue actions in this report. We took 7 hens in the first action and 17 hens in the second action to safety. These 24 birds live with kind people and are no longer just a commodity.
The egg industry is creative and adaptable to recieve the best profits. Well, what are other animals, plants, rocks, water, air and actually the whole world for, right? A life that doesn’t turn into profit is not worth living, is it? That is the meaning of everything as far as one can reach, right?

If you eat eggs, you have a choice. Depending on your conscience and wallet. Most people and organizations talk about how ugly cages are and demand to end them in various ways. But at the same time most of them remain silent about chicken mutilation in aviary and other systems for their strategic reasons.

To those people I dedicate, with my close friends from the rescue team, this photograph of the hen from cage free system. She lived and died in a windowless hall with a concrete floor. No cages, just wire partitions. Air from the fan, fluorescent lights, dust, stink, screaming, fighting. Welcome to the mad house. The next time you will make some kind of petition action, talking about open eyes, blabbing about compassion while remaining silent about the hens that are not in cages, please, remember this picture. It also speaks about you.”


23rd March, Sweden.

Via: BiteBack Magazine

anonymous report:

“The 23 of March, Jörgen Martinsson, the new CEO for Svensk mink, had his home spraypainted, doors and windows glued and a trace of red paint from his house to the street.

If he doesnt quit his job after waking up next morning he will get the same consequenses as the last CEO.

Svensk mink is an organisation in Sweden that organize swedish mink farmers and help them torture minks.”


9th March, Alberta, Canada.

received anonymously:

“Report from Strathmore, Alberta, Canada:

Animal rights Activists beautifully redesigned the exterior of a massive chicken harming facility. We acted in solidarity with the animals and other groups of activists in an attempt to resist the significant repression activists are currently facing under the regime of Jason Kenney (the premier of Alberta).

The recently proposed ‘Bill 1: Critical infrastructure defence act’ criminalizes nearly every form of peaceful protest, directly contradicting the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If this Bill passes, activists who engage in peaceful trespassing, blockading, or interference against ‘critical economic infrastructure’ OR aiding anyone who chooses to do so would be liable for up to $10,000 in fines and 6 months in prison even as a first time offender. This Bill also grants ‘peace’ officers the ability to arrest protestors without a warrant. Before even announcing the Bill, it had passed its first reading with a second reading scheduled for the next morning. Bill 1 was a direct response to the Wet’suwet’en solidarity blockades, but it affects us ALL.

Just months prior to its proposal, Jason Kenney introduced a similar Bill which targeted animal rights activists who trespass onto rural property for the purposes of exposing speciesism or aiding animals towards liberation. That Bill passed in 10 days.

We vandalized this place of extreme violence because Jason Kenney told us not to, and because NO ONE is free until ALL are free.

Fuck your ag gag laws. Fuck Bill 1. Fuck fascism.”


23rd March, Lincolnshire.

Received anonymously via email:

“UK lockdown was announced just hours before we were due to set off. What to do? We had planned another rescue in Lincolnshire already and loving homes were waiting. After careful consideration we decided that with only 2 activists (who had already had contact) we could afford one more venture without increased risk of spreading the virus to anyone vulnerable. The only increased risk we could see was that of our liberty if we were caught; that was a risk we were willing to take in order to save lives.

Under the cover of darkness, we drove to our target, feeling very aware of the increased volume of cop cars at the side of the road. Our greatest fear was being pulled with the animals on board before we could get them to safety. Luckily, the cops did not pull our car.

We knew this location well, it was our third visit this week. Each time we had been careful to leave no trace of our visiting, thus enabling a return to the same target. We couldn’t help but wonder if the scum who abused these animals had noticed that 71 chickens had now been liberated from the hell hole in which they were kept.

Knowing the place well made this a quick and easy rescue. We had found homes for 16 more hens, so we quickly collected 16 from the shed and took them back to the car.

The remainder of the night involved driving round and delivering these hens to their new homes (with no human contact).

Thank you to everyone who is able to provide homes for liberated animals, we could not do this without you.”