ATTENTION! Today marks the last week you’ll have a chance to place a pre-order to buy a t-shirt or a tote bag and support Presos Susaron. Qwerty will not print extras. We will order only as many as there are pre-orders. Grab yourself one before the end of the month if you want to support the three comrades in prison accused of burning a meat packaging plant in Chile.

We are still; below the threshold to place the order with the printers, so please, if you can afford it, grab yourself a tee or a tote bag. You can choose your own price, you can donate more if you can afford it, you can donate less if you’re unable to meet the suggested price, every single penny in profit will go to the support group who keeps Ru, Tortu and Panda going whilst they wait for trial.

They have been locked up since October 2022, accused of being part of a group who set on fire meat lorries and the refrigeration units of a meat packaging plant. Itamar was released from prison back in March having been given a five year tag sentence. The other three comrades are still awaiting trial. They are anarchists, vegan and straight edge and through their time in prison they’ve insisted they maintain strong political views and are proud of their actions. They need our support. Please show up!

If you cannot afford buying a tee or tote, share this post! Make sure as many people as possible see it! 

Buy them here:

Every order will come with free stickers. Every order with a tote bag and a t-shirt together will also receive a wildfire magazine for free.

Solidarity always!

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