Prisoner support ensures folks feel empowered to take risks that could make them face the law. It tells people they will be backed for all who might not be willing to risk their freedom but that appreciate that others do.

We know many folks are not willing to risk their freedom but appreciate those who do because hit reports are extremely well received, welcomed and commented by many of our readers.

Unfortunately, it is not translating into prisoner support. Cheering for all the fantastic work that anonymous people do fighting back against speciesism or freeing animals from places of abuse is not enough. We must show up for those who have ended up facing legal issues due to those kinds of actions.

We understand that not everybody is able to afford donating towards prisoner support, but that is not the only way you all can show up. Writing letters to prisoners is hugely important, and interacting with posts about fundraising for prisoners goes a long way. If you can’t donate, please comment, share, send it to people privately, email distros who might be able to share it too or in any other way engage with it so more people see it and hopefully support!

Currently we are running a pre-order only merch sale to raise funds for the Susaron Prisoners, who are locked up accused of arson at a meat packaging plant, but that is only one of many; today we received a request for support for almost 2k GBP for folks convicted of taking animals out of farms!

Unoffensive is prisoner support. We believe it to be the most important job we can do, but for us to do it we need you to do it too. Please help us support prisoners around the world.

Write to a prisoner today:

Pre-order some merch to support Press susaron; we have not reached the minimum orders to make it profitable yet:


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