Back in 2022, a Susaron owned meat packaging plant in Chile was attacked. Six lorries and part of the refrigerated unit were burn to the ground.

Some time later four anarchist and antispeciesist individuals were arrested and sent to prison awaiting trial in connection with the arson attack.

One of those anarchists was sentenced to five years on tag and released from prison a few months ago, but the other three are still sitting in prison awaiting trial and are in dire need of economic support.

Thanks to Krime we have a really cool design to print on t-shirts and tote bags, absolutely all profits made from it will go to the support of the Susaron Prisoners.

These tees and tote bags will be printed as pre-orders only. You won’t be able to get your hands on one of them once pre-orders end at the end of June. For now we have not sold enough to cross the printing threshold, so jump on it and help us support folks in prison!!!

Prisoner support isn’t just the backbone of direct action, ensuring that folks feel comfortable risking their freedom in the knowledge that if something goes wrong, people will have their backs. It also is the strongest form of anti-snitching in the movement. Knowing you are safe if you have to face the law ensures people don’t speak more than they should to avoid consequences.

Get the threads here:

So get involved, show solidarity, grab yourself some nice threads and let’s raise at least a few hundred quid to send to people who really need that support! 


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