3rd May, Argentina.

via: @anarcoveganismo.arg

ENGLISH (translation):

“Driving I saw chickens in cages and I didn’t hesitate to try and rescue them. Unfortunately I couldn’t save them all. The cages were tiny and full of weeks old manure.

There were people in the house, the light was on and a pick up truck was parked by the door, but I still wanted to try to rescue them.

There were holes in the run where I could stick my hand in, but obviously they were scared so I went to buy corn to call them with it. As soon as they saw it, they were desperate for it. The first one I got I gave corn slowly until she popped her head out of the hole, I grabbed her and pulled her out, running into the car and then driving home. Once I had left her in my house I went back and grabbed another two the same way. In total there are two chickens and a cockerel.

NEVER doubt helping an animal, they can’t do anything, they are victims of a system that sees them as objects of consumption for humans.

It was clear those animals were being used for profit, in that area they buy and sell birds to use in religious rituals or to consume as flesh. From the ALF, we value every life that is saved by direct action, it doesn’t matter if it is just one. One life will be free. Veganism is respect and justice.”

SPANISH (original):

”Pasando con el auto ví a gallinas enjauladas y no dude en bajar a intentar rescatarlas, lamentablemente no pude salvar a todas
Las jaulas son diminutas, están llenas de excremento de hace semanas sin limpiar.

Había gente en la casa, estaba la luz prendida y una camioneta en la puerta pero iba a intentar rescatarlas de todas formas.
había algún que otro hueco por dónde meter la mano, lógicamente tenían miedo así que fui a comprar maíz para atraerlas, apenas vieron el maíz todas se desesperaron, a la primera que tome, fue dándole maíz y esperando que sacará el cuello para afuera de la casa, la agarre, la tape con un buzo oscuro y salí corriendo al auto. Luego de dejarla en mi casa, volví a ir y agarré dos más de la misma manera. Son 2 gallinas y un gallo .

NUNCA duden en ayudar a un animal, ellos no pueden hacer nada, son víctimas de un sistema que los ve como objetos de consumo humano.

Era claro que estos animales eran comercializados,en la zona compran mucho para utilizarlos en rituales religiosos o para consumo humano. Desde el ALF, valoramos cada vida que se salve mediante alguna acción directa. Así sea una,son sus vidas. Una vida que vivirá en libertad. Veganismo es respeto y justicia”

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