It’s that time of year again when we have to get some cash together to pay for servers, domains, and other tech maintenance. If you value the work we do, then show us some support and keep things ticking over. We’re all volunteers; none of us are ever paid for the work we do, from providing prisoner support to writing articles, keeping folks informed about various campaigns, and providing a safe place where people can send word of their actions anonymously and get them published. We even spend hours translating many reports.

There’s constant work behind the scenes to keep things as safe as possible and prisoner info up-to-date. We dealt with a hack on the website only recently and have been working to get everything cleaned up but we might want a fresh start with a new website at some point.

Drop us some coins via PayPal or even better, set up a regular donation by supporting us on Patreon. You can find links to both here:


Coins aren’t the only way you can support us (though they are needed and appreciated), we’re also open to submissions. Are you involved in a campaign or project you want to talk about? Some banging art to share? Or have something else to say? Drop us a message via email or our ‘contact us’ form on our website.



PS: We have a sick design ready and might do a pre-order only T-shirt for Lado who is in need of funds after a long stint in prison. Are folks interested?

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