{editor’s note: David Agranoff collaborated with the cops during the green scare investigation and subsequent wave of repression. He received an incredibly lenient sentence because of it. Slowly during the trial’s David’s lies about who he had snitched on were uncovered, starting with having talked “only about Marius because he is already in prison” and realising that he had been collaborating with investigators for at least three years.

The movement does not forget about snitches, and both old and new activists should understand this and re-refresh it in their day to day life. If you collaborate with the police, you are an enemy of the animals, you are an enemy of the earth, you are an enemy of the struggle, and should be treated accordingly. 

There is a zine worth reading (thankfully preserved by The Talon Conspiracy) called “GOT THE HOLLOWPOINTS FOR THE SNITCHES”, which analyses how other revolutionary groups have historically handled snitch culture.

You can find it here:}

Originally published by Unravel:

“Green Scare snitch David Agranoff was shouted down at the beginning of his book talk in Bloomington, IN on April 7th, 2024. We distributed fliers with his picture and information to the event attendees, and we called him out for the coward and snitch that he is. He and an event organizer quickly took it upon themselves to collect the fliers and physically usher us out of the event. He replied with some retorts about how “we weren’t there”, asking “what have you done for the movement?”

David seems to believe enough time has passed, and that he should be able to move in spaces without consequence. He wants to claim positive contributions towards the struggle for animal and earth liberation, despite the reality that he is a part of its undoing. David might be on the periphery of vegan, straightedge punk scenes, where people are perhaps not familiar with his past. David will always be a threat to those around him, especially as the State is ramping up its use of social associations as grounds for investigation. Once someone has cooperated, they can be called on to do so again.

Look for him around his home (San Diego, CA as cited on his blog on 1/21/24), and perhaps giving a talk on one of his corny-looking books in a town near you! David runs a blog (, has an instagram (Count.Agranoff), and has another book coming out soon from Anti-Oedipus Press (@antioedipuspress).

More information about his cooperation, and information about other Green Scare snitches, can be found at:

Cooperation is never an option. Remember, some anarchists never forget a betrayal!”

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