14th February, Wettin Forest Germany.

According to local reports, four hunting towers in Wettin Forest, Germany, were found destroyed during Valentine’s day. Wolfgang Buchholz, who organises the hunting in the forest, says that they are suspicious of the Animal Liberation Front due to graffiti they have found in the broken towers reading “ALF” and “hunt hunters”.

“The four best high seats have been knocked over.”, says Wolfgang. A roofed cabin, a particularly high hunting seat and two conveniently located towers were destroyed. Over 2000 EUR worth of damage was done.

Wolfgang believes the attack wasn’t intended to hurt hunters, but believes the methods are unacceptable. “If they really believe that animals should not be shot in the forest, then they can campaign for this through democratic processes”. Wolfgang also laments that there is no insurance to cover the costs of vandalism against hunting structures, so he must pay for the repairs himself.

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