January, Bavaria Germany.

Received anonymously via email:

“In one cold night we visited a big factory farm that helds about a hundred thousand chickens for the meat industry, seperated in several barns. All the doors were locked, but we know theres always a way in. We discovered small openings in the wall, probalbly for ventilation. The openings had plastic covering. We just stripped them away and there was one small hole in the wall now.

One of us climbed through it and landed between thousands of small chicks. Without hesitating, the person started handing the chicks through the hole. After 4 chicks were in the transportation box, the person noticed one chick that tried to, but couldnt run away anymore. The person couldnt resist taking it with us, so it was also handed to the person packing the chicks in the transportation box. Before this libeartion, we checked the farm out and found trashcans full of dead chicks next to the farm. We didnt want the last one of the chicks end up in one of these.

So with 5 chicks we left the farm and dissapeared in the forests. The next day we brought the chicks to their new home where they can live out their life in freedom. Sadly the one chick that couldnt get up in the farm died after a few days. We are happy though, that it died in a caring home and did not end up in a fucking trashcan. We are happy that the other ones can now enjoy their freedom and that they wont end up in a slaughterhouse or trashcan.

Never hesitate to liberate. There is always a way in these torture chambers to get the animals out of there. Through axe, crowbar or drill the ALF is coming through your walls.

Compassion and Love will defeat all evil.”

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