via: Scenes From the Atlanta Forest.

16th January, Weelaunee USA.

To Shadowbox Studios,
You dumb motherfuckers left your feller buncher near the highway where everyone could see it lit the fuck up in the night sky. You’re all fucking losers and we hope the extra rain sank its lifeless corpse so deep in the mud that it takes weeks to get it out.

To everyone else,
There is still a forest to defend, and some of us intend to do so with or without a “movement” to back us up. There is more to the Weelaunee forest than the section that is fenced off and under 24/7 police occupation. We vowed to defend the forest from Blackhall too. No matter what the project is, anything destroying forests must be met with the same rage, hostility, and violence. Weelaunee is our home and we will not abandon it.

Fuck a feller buncher. Fuck Shadowbox Studios. Hollywood will burn wherever it decides to go, as will the pigs trying to protect it.

Pictured below is a visual representation of the region of woods under threat. There is still much to lose, but also many opportunities to strike. Take them.

For Tort, who brings rain to cover the tracks of saboteurs everywhere, who brings them quick wits, good luck, and eternal protection in the treeline of the ever-abundant and growing forest. We will never forget you, and nothing will ever extinguish the fire you set in our hearts. May it spread everywhere and always.”

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