Futuro Vegetal is a grassroots, non-hierarchal AR and environmental activist group. They’ve been taking a series of accountable and unaccountable actions, from spray painting yachts to sabotaging gas stations and burger kings.

Police repression targeting the group has been intense. Just last month, there were 30 arrests. 15 of those arrests happened on the same day, December 21st, in a coordinated police operation across a number of different cities in Spain. These people were then accused of being part of a “criminal organisation,” despite the group clearly not meeting the legal definition of one. Two people have additionally been charged with directing a “criminal organization.” Other charges brought against members of the group include property damage and public disorder.

Two activists have trials set to commence in May in France, with other activists awaiting trial dates.

It’s not only these arrests and charges the group has been dealing with. At the beginning of last year, they discovered an undercover cop who had infiltrated the group. A number of raids on homes have been conducted by both the Spanish and French police, some of them without a court order. Multiple devices and other items were seized. The group is aware they have been under police surveillance for some time.

Solidarity from the community towards people suffering police repression goes a long way. Future Vegetal is now calling for help with legal fees.

You can send them funds via

You can keep up to date on their actions and court dates via their social media: Twitter, Insta and fb @futurovegetal and on their website:

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