(Reports from local media)

As Mountain Valley Pipeline and its benefactors become more desperate to complete this pipeline, protestors have seen increased violence from workers, malicious prosecution in the courts, and a complicit police force willing to carry out the dirty work of the state. Despite these unprecedented levels of repression against pipeline protesters in this region, people are still finding ways to disrupt work where possible. Today, folks decided to take back their own roads.

Across three locations at least 30 pipeline workers were slowed, stuck behind protesters in cars and on bikes. These actions not only slowed down work but also put the brakes on workers who have been known to drive recklessly. There have been reports of a high frequency of of DUIs among pipeline workers, as well as complaints from those who live along the routes they use to get to work. As long as MVP construction on this pipeline persists, people will continue acting to ensure MVP will not be allowed to damage the environment and endanger local communities.

Join the fight against the MVP:

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