5th December, North UK.

received anonymously via email:

“In solidarity with all animals being murdered for the “Christmas celebrations” and inspired by folks in Australia, in Midlands and in Luton UK, we decided to break into a turkey farm and take six birds with us.

They were mere days away from being murdered. One of the barns had already been wiped, so we can only guess that all birds we left behind in the second barn are now dead.

We want to amplify the call to action that our anonymous comrades in Midlands wrote about. In this capitalist world of slavery to consumerism and complete tethering to employment, Christmas tends to be a time to celebrate, to spend and to switch off. We believe it is the perfect time for animal abusing scum to feel our wrath.

Every fucking day from today to Christmas, make sure you do something to some abuser that will make them enjoy their Christmas a little less. Most turkeys might’ve been kllled already, but butcher shop windows are still intact, milk parlours are still functioning and there is so much Christmas spirit in liberating dogs from a hunter or slashing the tyres of a vivisector. 

This is directed at you, the reader, wherever you are. Get out there and cause the chaos deserved by animal abusers for their constant disregard to animal suffering. 

When if not now?
Who if not you?!

some anarchists.”

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