3rd November, North UK.

received anonymously via email:

“With so much talk recently about cage-free being better for hens, we wanted to see for ourselves. We went to a free-range farm to see how much ‘better’ it really is for the hens and it was fucking disgusting. Dead and dying birds were everywhere. The rest had next to no feathers left. They are so stressed that they pluck each other. Never trust an animal welfare group who is promoting shit like cage-free or ‘better commitments’ for chickens. It will NEVER be okay to do this to anyone.

We took our chances, as the farmers were asleep in the house next door, and we liberated 49 beautiful souls. They will now receive the love and care that they deserve and will never be killed for profits.

This action is in solidarity with the recent egg investigations that have been released in the UK and we hope that it inspires more people to go fuck the system and smash these scum fuck places!!!”

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