Hambi folk have asked to extend an invitation to all to join the forest in a nine day long festival and skillshare even at the end of November. Read their words below:

“The festival season is over? Not for us! While RWE is getting closer to us and the local government is already dreaming of getting rid of us altogether, we are still here and making life difficult for the state and capital! The Hambi is acutely threatened again, but we have the will to keep up the resistance together and with fun.

Some of you have already heard and now it is official: there will be a Skillshare Festiwald in November! We invite you to skillshares, music acts, climbing, actions, forest life and much more! The whole thing is as self-organized as possible, which means there is a lot of room for your ideas, wishes and input. So you can also add things to the program when you arrive and there will be a lot of stuff coming up spontaneously which is not in the program yet.

Let’s enjoy together what we defend here, let’s show that we are still eager to resist and whoever falls in love with forest life, we invite them to just stay with us!

What? Skillshare Festiwald
When? 17 to 26 November
Where? Occupation in the Hambach Forest

You can find the program, a packlist and further information in this blog post: https://hambacherforst.org/blog/2023/10/09/forestival-program-outline/

We also need help with spreading the news! So feel free to print out these posters and hang them up where people might see them.”

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