Do you live in the UK and hate that Great Britain is complicit in the murder of Palestinians? Have you been to demos, but they just did not cut it for you? Did you consider joining Pal Action at one of their blockades or sieges, but you did not fancy getting nicked? This might be just what you’re looking for!

Pal Action, the British action group campaigning against the weapons companies manufacturing the tools used by the Israeli government to murder in Palestine, has launched a new underground cells call to action.

Previously known for very devastating but arrestable actions, Pal Action has launched Palestine Action Underground, a call for anonymous and autonomous cells to take underground direct action against Elbit and all associates who aid them into the manufacturing of weapons.

They have put together an incredibly comprehensive manual which, even if you are not interested in taking action against Elbit, is an incredible blueprint on how to create an affinity group and take action whilst keeping safe. We would like to mention that some of the tech advice is questionable (we would never recommend anything less than throwaway emails, and drop box is not a safe media platform), but overall they have managed to create a very impressive guide to taking action whilst keeping yourself and your insurrectionary lovers safe.

Check their action guide here:

Alongside the manual, they also have published a ver nifty website with a map of the UK pointing out all the potential targets that someone fighting back against British complicity in the Palestinian genocide might want to have a look at.

Have a look at the resources and see how you can help fight back against the bloodshed that Britain is complicit of!


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