18th September, Berlin Germany.

via: Act For Free!

It’s gratifying to see that attacks on the companies and infrastructures that fuel ecological catastrophe are currently multiplying. Even if they’re just a drop in the ocean, they’re an expression of the fact that not everyone is content to make demands of politicians or look on with resignation as the world goes to shit.

On the night of Monday September 18, we added two excavators belonging to the Strabag company to the list of targets attacked under the slogan “Switch Off”. Unfortunately, we were able to extinguished before they definitively disappeared, but it was enough to bring the construction site on Köpenickerstraße in Berlin’s Mitte district to a standstill.

Strabag, one of Europe’s largest construction companies, is involved in every conceivable infamy on the planet, and each of its new building projects means a progression towards the destruction of nature, in favor of concrete deserts that already seem endless. That’s why every interruption of the daily routine is a small satisfaction for us.”

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