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We’ve just posted the UBS solidarity prints, so they should be arriving to you soon! Whilst most of our merch is currently on hold, we still have lots of UBS solidarity prints which we are selling to raise funds for Underground Badger Syndicate, so please grab a pack or two, you can put them in frames, you can put them in an envelope and send it as a thin postcard or you can give them to your mates, what’s important is that UBS gets some funds to keep fighting the badger cull!

Find them here:

We have been asking for new collaborators to help cover campaigns and events for UA. Unfortunately, we have lost collaborators for DTAF, CAFT (or worldwide anti fur pressure campaign) and PalAction. We also would love to hear from other campaigns around the world! If you run or partake in such campaigns, or if you are interested in keeping an eye on the campaigns, drop us a line and let’s work out a monthly schedule! UA is made by us all, so please come forward and help us keep going!

Our patreon has been on a steady decline over the past year and a half. We no longer have a long list of prisoners we send money to, and instead send some cash to folks who urgently request it and keep some aside for all the web admin costs. If you can afford it, please join us over there donating monthly, or drop us some coins over PayPal, or even through miners or bitcoin!

All the infos can be found here:



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