September, Appalachia USA.

via: Abolition Media.

“a fortnight ago, by the light of the full moon, a small group of friends set fire to a large excavator and a second small machine that were being used to build the mountain valley pipeline near teels creek.

we came prepared to burn up to six machines but unfortunately found only two at the site we chose. mvp has dozens or possibly hundreds of unattended machines on their construction sites on any given night; they are working at a breakneck pace in an attempt to complete the pipeline by the end of the year. a map of the pipeline showing incomplete water crossings can be found at

we believe that mvp is financially precarious and can still be stopped through relentless destructive actions, alongside the scaling-up of the existing campaign to cause disruptions and delays. to this end, we call upon like-minded individuals and groups to travel to so-called virginia and west virginia to inflict maximum economic damage against mvp by any means at your disposal. we must demoralize the enemy and prove that their project is doomed to never be completed.

people in the area have campaigned against this pipeline for eight years. while they allowed most of the pipeline to be built, they successfully used lawsuits and aerial blockades to delay construction indefinitely in key places like water crossings and national forests. however, the campaign has no further legal recourse after the remaining permits were forced through by congress in june. the mvp can no longer be stopped through walk-ons and lockdowns, nor by low-key monkeywrenching like adding bleach to engine oil. we are not asking everyone to stop using existing tactics, we only ask that people expand their imaginations and really consider how they can be most effective given limited resources of time, money, personnel, and energy. we like working with fire because it’s straightforward to use and makes it so easy to completely destroy machines. plus, accelerant is a hell of a lot lighter than concrete.

we have seen campaign after campaign fail to stop pipelines over the past decade, and we cannot afford to keep losing. we send our warmest greetings to jess reznicek, who is currently in prison for her courageous acts of arson and sabotage against the dakota access pipeline. we regret that her methods have not yet been taken up widely in the anti-pipeline movement. and are good starting points to find information on various arson and sabotage techniques.

we hope locals will step up their game, but the mvp is not just a local struggle. catastrophic climate change is already here. no one in the northern hemisphere has been unaffected by wildfires, flooding, or extreme heat this summer alone. while we are glad that this monstrous civilization has already ensured its own demise, we would love to make it possible for something to exist after. the only way to stop the deterioration of the climate from getting exponentially worse is to immediately halt the expansion of new fossil fuel infrastructure, and to shut down and dismantle existing infrastructure. wherever you live, there’s a pipeline near you that you can go shut off yourself.

if you have not yet begun to fight, there will never be a better time to start than now. the hour is late, and the risks of taking action far outweigh the risks of doing nothing. inaction is suicide. of course, we must always take precautions to avoid identification and capture, so that we are able to attack repeatedly. we don’t want to only act “once in a blue moon”! we’ll be back for more soon. will you join us?

blessed is the flame.

doom to the pipeline.

another end of the world is possible.”

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