9th September, Olympia USA/

via: Puget Sound Anarchists

“On the night of September 9th a small band assembled to carry out an attack on an Arby’s in Westside St̕č̓as (so-called Olympia). The crew convened in the shadows near the target. Anxious at first, a shooting star blesses our action and we don the black masks. We briskly walk to the target, confirm we are still in, set a thirty second timer, tag it and smash the windows and disperse. In, out, no arrests.

This target was chosen as CEO Paul Brown of its owning and franchising company, Inspire Brands LLC, sits on the board of directors of the Atlanta Police Foundation (APF) who are behind the funding and political push for the urban warfare training ground and mass deforestation project known as Cop City. We take this small action against Cop City and its world and send love to those resisting the beast of police militarization in ATL.

Also, just in general, fuck Arby’s.

Targets are everywhere, take aim and strike.
And remember, It’s Easy to Attack!


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