On the 19th of June 2022, people from the Animal Freedom Movement (now Animal Rising) occupied MBR Acres. Five puppies were liberated, and people filmed the awful conditions MBR keeps thousands of dogs in before sending them off to an even worse fate. A large banner reading ‘END ANIMAL TESTING’ was displayed on the property before multiple arrests were made.

During a recent two-day trial, eight people were found guilty of aggravated trespass and have received conditional discharges or fines. It is especially interesting given that the activists who liberated the puppies during this action and later handed themselves in had their charges dropped. Clearly, MBR isn’t keen on a court case that would involve them answering awkward questions about the dogs and the legality of the conditions they keep them in. However, that isn’t stopping them from going after activists for other charges.

We hope the doggos are living their best life and the activists can cope well with the fines. At this time, we have not seen any fundraising to cover legal costs.


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