The cops are not your friends! Cops are the guardians of the state, and their purpose is to protect property and perpetuate oppression. Therefore the cops will never be on the same side as radical movements, not with anarchists, nor with anyone who fights for the liberation of non-human animals. Some cops will still try to be friendly to you. Don’t go for it! At all times, the cops are trying to gather information, even if they are pretending to be helpful or “just having a chat”! Remember, the cops are your enemy. Therefore you shouldn’t talk to them! 

If you still have to deal with the cops, like during an interrogation, it can be good to know the laws of the country where you live, to use them to your advantage. For example, if can you bring a friend as support during interrogation, or if you are entitled to a lawyer, or if you are (or not) allowed to give a No Comment interview.

The cops have different interrogation tactics. For example, they may ask questions about everyday things, to trick you into start talking. They might ask you if you’d like some water, or if the chair is comfortable, or if you need more clothes. Every question is an attempt to build report with you. Don’t fall for their tricks! It is to your and your friends advantage that you remain silent. A good counter-strategy during questioning can be to always answer in the same way. For example, “No Comment”. In this way you make it easier for yourself not to fall for their tactics, and you don’t risk telling the cops anything that could jeopardize the safety of you and your friends.

On arrest, the cops task is to gather information to build a case against you or your comrades. The police station and the setting are all built in order to push you towards talking to them. They might say things like “this is your time to tell me what really happened” or “Now you can tell me your side” or “we know you are innocent you need to help us prove it”. Your innocence (in most countries) is presumed until proven otherwise. You do not need to prove your innocence, and you do not need to give them a single word. Don’t make their job easier. If you feel you need to represent yourself or your actions, it is not at the cop shop but on trial where you might have time to say what you need to say. The cops don’t care, they just want to charge you!

Remember, the cops want to collect information about you and it’s difficult to know in advance what information the cops want and what it might be used for. If nobody talks, everybody walks!

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