So we forgot that it was our anniversary last month. Oh well, for new and old readers of Unoffensive Animal, we are seven years old already!

Lots have changed since we started. The collective has gone through many iterations, and even this year we were very close to shutting down until a new bunch of people decided to jump on board and revitalise the project!

We keep the same priorities in mind. Prisoner support is the backbone of the movement. Animal liberation and total liberation are one of the same. Fascists are not welcome in the movement. Capitalism must burn for the liberation of all. Also, fuck celery.

We have provided a platform for those who wish to remain anonymous for seven years. We have raised funds for prisoners and for folks facing legal trouble. We’ve given talks, organised events and tried to educate as much as possible on security culture.

We have seen many campaigns succeed, and many more fight extremely hard. It is always incredibly beautiful to see the many shapes that resistance takes when coupled with passionate and creative activists.

Thank you to all who have supported us this far, all of you who were there from the very beginning, and all of you that joined along the way, as well as every single person who has contributed with articles and information and any other support!

Thank you too to those who have kept us afloat with donations. We don’t get paid, but the project is not free, and we keep wanting to support as many prisoners and activists as we possibly can.

Thank you to all who keep fighting in whatever way they feel is best.

PS: on our seventh anniversary we also count with the lowest amount of donations per month. If you can afford it and like what we do, please consider donating, as a one-off or as a monthly donation, every little helps!

Paypal: [email protected]



Photo: Demonstration in Chile in memory of comrade Mauricio Morales

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