It’s been about three months since a bunch of folks came forward to help keep UA running. We’ve had great offers of support and people that have really gotten stuck in to help and provide more content for the platform. Frontlines has a constant stream of articles covering campaigns around the world, prisoner support is back to publishing once a week; Incite, Conspire, Inspire are back once again and even Tech&Sec has made a welcome appearance!

This is all hopeful and we are very glad for everybody who stepped up to support, it has really helped lightening the load and easing the burnout!

That is not to be said that we couldn’t do with some more contributors, if you thing there is a cool campaign that should get semi-regular updates and you’d be up for writing about it, reach out over email! The same way, if you have ideas for other content that you believe the movement could benefit from, do contact us and we can see if the UA is the platform for it, and as some other folks have already done, if you want to share about a specific action or campaign as a one off, do contact us too! We really, really would like to collaborate with as many different voices as possible, so don’t be shy!

As always, hit reports are being received anonymously and anyone wanting to report about underground direct action should do that following the how to on www.unoffensiveanimal.is/contact-us

The shop still has a few tees and hoodies at discounted prices, as we want to empty most of the stock. A few people have mentioned that they miss the Defend Direct Action hoodie/t-shirt design, is this a design that a good few people would like to get again? If we get a good few people saying so, we can sort out a preorder for you all and do a one-off print! Comment below and let us know if the DDA design is something you’d like to get, or if you’d like some other fresher designs!

Lastly, we would like to mention that we could always do with some economic support. Servers, domains and hosting as well as secure collaborative platforms for all the contributors is quite an expensive endeavour so we can keep the platform afloat, but also remember that most of the money raised by UA goes to prisoner and court support, so if you can afford a donation, please do so. UA collective does not get paid wages or any form of profits from the collaborations, everything is run on a volunteer basis.

Donate here:

Patreon: www.patreon.com/animalliberation
Paypal: unoffensive_animal(attt)tutanota(.dot.)com

Monero and Bitcoin donation wallets are accessible through our website, under “support us”


Photo credit: Still taken from “Finite”, a Hambacher Forest and Pont Valley Campaign documentary. Review of the film coming soon!

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