Mid May, activists in Denmark liberated two lobsters from a MANY supermarket. They did their homework, found what sea they came from, and released them back into the wild. After that anonymous report was shared, local activists in Denmark and beyond got to work.

By having raised the live lobster trade by MANY, those anonymous activists inspired a local storm. Activists emailed and called MANY demanding to stop the sale of live lobsters. They warned them that if they didn’t a pressure campaign would be set up against them, with direct action and protests.

MANY really felt the heat and emailed back to those reaching out, letting them know that they took their concerns very seriously and that they would put an end to the sale of live lobsters from August 1st onwards.

The action of some anonymous activists inspired enough people who not only felt liberating those lobsters was right, but who also decided to put even more pressure on the company, backing those taking direct action, defending the lobsters and warning the company to put an end on the abuse.

This is a clear show of how direct action, regardless of how small it might seem to be, can have incredible impact. Not only two lobsters were freed, but it united folks from different ways of life, raised the issue and created a united front to fight back against injustice.

It is worth mentioning too that whilst many people advocate for direct action to occur within existing campaigns, raising the profile of that campaign or creating a front where the target feels they either talk to those who are campaigning and find a solution, or they have to deal with those who do not fear breaking the law, in this case a seemingly small act of liberation inspired the phone/email storm that ultimately bagged a win.

Always defend direct action and never forget the power of people!


PS: To the anonymous activists who took those lobsters to freedom; we hope you know how much that act has impacted animals. Congratulations on your win.

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