It’s been over two weeks since Palestine Action began their siege against Israeli weapons factory ‘UAV Tactical Systems’ in Leicester. Here are some updates on the siege and the groups’ actions!

On Sunday, Leicester’s local community and supporters of PalAction held a mass rally on day 13 of the siege. The city of Leicester has been covered in spray paint showing support of the siege.

Despite large police presence on the ground, Elbit’s neighbouring weapon trafficker Kuehne + Nagel was dismantled by actionists – leaving doors and windows smashed and walls covered in paint, stating “For Shireen” (referring to the murder of Palestinian journalist Shireen Abu Akleh by the Israeli military), “Free Gaza” and “We will win”.

Recent Israeli air strikes murdered 13 Palestinians, including children, in Gaza. Elbit Systems supplies 85% of Israel’s drone fleet, being directly responsible for these air strikes. In light of these events, PalActions calls on everyone to join the siege and show support at UAV Tactical Systems, Unit F Meridian East Business Park, LE19 1WZ.

PalAction has also launched nation-wide actions to accompany the Leicester occupation.

In London, the group has sprayed Britain’s Foreign Office with blook-red paint, ‘symbolising the blood spilt by British complicity in the colonisation of Palestine’. Two actionists have been arrested.

In Newcastle, PalAction has also taken over a weapons factory owned by Israeli state weapons company Rafael. The factory Pearson Engineering Ltd has recently been purchased by Israel which initiates Israel’s plan for further expansion in Britain. PalAction declares that this retaliation is ‘an official warning that Israel’s war machine is not welcome here’. You can show your support at Armstrong Works, Scotswood Rd, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE15 6UX.

The photo shows Pal Action’s siege of the Newcastle weapons company Rafael.

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