2nd May, Germany.


“On Tuesday night, we placed incendiary devices at a construction machine of the company Hentschke Bau GmbH in Berlin-Adlershof. Already a few years ago, comrades claimed responsibility for several attacks on the infrastructure of this company, which is also responsible for the construction of the prison in Zwickau. ( The company was also brought into focus because its owner Jörg Drews is affiliated with the fascist party AfD.

The ruling ideology says that it is necessary to keep people in constant fear so that they do not resist patriarchal and colonial oppression and docilely join the capitalist routine so that they can ultimately be shaped and standardized. All the more encouraging are the signs of those who, even in the moment of almost total isolation, confront fear and do not fall silent in their struggle for a world of solidarity, mutual aid and self-organization. As we take it from the words of the Italian prisoner Alfredo Cospito, who has been on hunger strike for over 6 months since last October to fight against the 41bis regime imposed on him:

“I simply cannot live under an inhumane regime as 41bis means, where I cannot freely read what I want, books, newspapers, anarchist magazines, magazines of art and science as well as literature and history. The only way to escape the regime is to give up my identity as an anarchist and sell it to someone else to take my place. A regime in which I cannot have human contact, in which I cannot pick a handful of herbs or hug a loved one. A regime in which the photos of our parents are stolen. Buried alive in a tomb, in a place of death. I will continue my struggle to the extreme, not because of an “accusation,” but because this is not life.”

Although the hunger strike has ended and we are happy to know Alfredo is alive, this does not mean that we will stop fighting against the prison society. On the contrary, his struggle for dignity, as well as the numerous attacks in which comrades themselves risked their freedom, wrote words of solidarity and in this way connected with each other worldwide, have inspired us. With the strength unleashed by the hunger strike, we continue on the path of attacking all that the world of incarceration and punishment embodies.

Those who have been cited before the Higher Regional Court in Dresden for more than 1.5 years in the so-called “Antifa Ost” trial are also to be locked up. While Lina has already been in pre-trial detention since November 2020, the verdict expected in the coming months could also impose prison sentences on the other three defendants. The accused acts stand in antifascist continuity, to take away fascists’ and neo-Nazis’ space of movement and to fight their anti-life ideologies at any time. In view of the fascist conditions coming to a head in many places – be it through the government of Meloni (Fratelli d’Italia) in Italy or the continuous collaboration by German authorities to arm and maintain right-wing networks, with the simultaneous state fight against anarchist and anti-fascist structures – the destruction of the property of one of their companies is only a small contribution on our part to this struggle.

Even if we criticize that the violence necessary in this sense was not openly defended in the trial, or that the challenges that this very use of violence confronts us with regarding patriarchal and militarized thinking need an even deeper examination, this does not change our attitude of solidarity. We think of all those who, in the context of the “Antifa Ost” trial, not only feel the relentlessness of repression in an exemplary way for an anti-fascist movement, but are also confronted with the double betrayal. To those sitting in the dock in Dresden, to those affected by sexualized violence and beyond: we wish you courage, send you strength and hope that this will not silence you.

In solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, always for anarchy.

A hug to the two comrades whose trip to Adlershof ended 2 months ago in the Gesa – you are not alone.

Freedom for all prisoners!”

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