4th April, Frankfurt Germany.

via: Act For Free Now!

“Full of anger and rage against the evictions and clearings of the [occupied] Fecher and Heibo forests, last night we set fire to a car of the Hessian Forestry Office in Frankfurt am Main.

At the beginning of January, the Forestry Office of the city of Groß-Gerau (in Hessen) issued an administrative decree which gave a legal basis for the eviction of our friends from the occupied forest of Fechenheim. The occupation was against the extension of the A66 freeway, which was evicted by massive police violence and the repression of the Hessian justice. Thus, the Forestry Commission is a stooge of the cops and the judiciary in order to impose the interests of the Autobahn GmbH. (see text: )

In the village of Heibo, near Dresden, the Saxon Forestry Administration also played an important role in the eviction and clearing of the occupied area, and cleared the forest in the interest of a local gravel company. We were pleased to learn of the incendiary attacks on the Saxon Regional Forestry Office (Sachsenforst) in connection with the evacuation of Heibo, and we send fiery greetings to Finn, who is still locked up behind prison walls.

The clearing season is over. But we have been deprived of our lawless spaces and far too many forests have been cleared for corporate interests, infrastructure projects and forestry. It’s time to heal the wounds and take our revenge!

The forests are alive!
No eviction, no clearing will go unanswered!
These have a price, and it was the forestry department of Groß Gerau that had to pay it tonight.

At the same time we attack Hessenforst as a public authority that systematically exploits nature. Every day, forests are cleared for forestry and entire ecosystems are destroyed by their exploitation. Our attack is also a sign of solidarity and commitment to the radical struggles of indigenous communities against the destruction of their habitat and livelihoods by state forestry companies.

For Anarchy – Down with the Logging Industry”

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