March, Atlanta USA.

via: Scenes from the Atlanta Forest.

“During the, “Week of Action,” a bulldozer-like machine with a subsequent drilling apparatus was completely decommissioned before it could continue to destroy more of the Welaunee forest on the South Black Hall plot.

The proposed huge-ass soundstage adjacent to proposed Cop City will also never be built!
We are advocates of actions that actually STOP WORK, & work gets STOPPED by directly confronting WORK, our enemies, & earth destroying machines.

Let it be remembered that though other gatherings & gardens are also good, these types of activities are only made possible by actions that DISABLE OUR ENEMIES from being able to work & gain territory.

The only good machine is a machine on fire, & we will not let our comrade Tortuguita’s death be in vain, nor will we allow counterrevolutionary discourse & behavior to permeate the movement or exploit Tort’s murder.

Blessed be the barricades & Blessed is the Flame!

Act like the cops and their lackeys are trying to kill us because they are.

Are you here to fuck or fight?

The Coalition to Bless the Flame”

Note: photo not associated with action.

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