Marius is an anarchist, environmentalist, and animal rights activist who has been incarcerated since 2009.

Marius plead guilty to being involved in an ELF arson at a university lab researching GMOs for Monsanto. He also admitted to twelve other acts of property damage.

At the time, the USA was going through the “Green Scare”, in which the US government took extreme legal action against the environmental protection movement. Since Marius’ actions were deemed politically motivated, a “terrorism enhancement” was brought forth and the prosecution advocated for a 20 year sentence.

After finding out that Marius’ support team were also activists and “criminals”, his sentence was increased to 22 years due to his involvement with them.

Since being in prison Marius has enjoyed letters and books from his supporters. There has been news that he might be transferred to a new prison, so he is requesting books not to be sent until further notice.


You can keep up with updates from Marius’ support team through and the @supportmariusmason Instagram page.

Donations are also being accepted at

If you wish to write, more info can be found at


In other news, Marius completed his paralegal course in January and will have his true name on his diploma! This is his first legal document after transition to validate who he really is.

One of Marius’ support members has taken part in The Animal Liberation Hour podcast to share his story and give more details about his life in prison. You can find it (Episode 30) wherever you normally get your podcasts.

To end this post we’ll share a poem that Marius wrote in September 2022:

*I Am Resolving Myself*

My childhood prepared me for prison

I knew that in every day

There was a possibility

That I might be ashamed,

Denied something I


Would be contained and prevented

From escaping

And yes, there would be pain,

There might be violence

RELEASE DATE: January 10th 2027

Solidarity! ✊

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