21st November, Montreal.

via: MTL Counter-info.


“This morning in Montreal, two tire fires were lit on the CN railway tracks in the neighbourhood of Pointe-St-Charles, at the choke-point of the train yard exit.

Care was taken to ensure there was no risk of derailment. A long straightaway location was chosen, and timing was based on the first scheduled Via passenger train of the morning. As the train approached, an individual stepped onto the track waving two road flares. When the train came to a stop, tires that had previously been filled with cotton towels were placed onto both tracks. They were then doused in gasoline, and the road flares were tossed in from a safe distance to light them up. The action was quick and easy, required few people, and ensured the train was able to stop and not hit the items placed on the tracks. Rail service was interrupted for at least two hours.

We acted in solidarity with the Gidimt’en Clan, who yesterday faced a raid for defending their land, water, and sovereignty. We cannot allow this RCMP action to go unanswered. For every highway blockade, a railway signaling box torched. For every RBC branch deprived of its windows, an RCMP vehicle up in smoke. For every railway blockade, a pipeline valve site sabotaged. All our solidarity with the land and water defenders on the Yintah, let’s answer their calls to shut shit down!

– some anarchists”

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