19th June, Italy.



ARVAIA is a agricultural cooperative operating in Bologna. They greenwash their actions by creating aliances with activist groups whilst catching wildlife to be released in hunting grounds. On the night of the 19th of June, ALF activists visited the farm and caused around 5.000EUR worth of damage.

ARVAIA published an extensive communiquee related to the action that you can read on the link below. Nevertheless, we believe it would be important to underline a specific paragraph on their press release. Please note the adamant mention of violence against zuccini;
“ALF’s violence has affected potato and bean crops, zucchini plants, melons, strawberries, but also greenhouse covers and irrigation.”

Read their whole comuniquee here:

Aware of the response that ecological groups were showing against the ALF action, anonymous activists sent the report below:

received anonymously:

“With reference to the sabotage that took place at the ARVAIA COOPERATIVE in Bologna, A.L.F. claims the action.

ARVAIA, contrary to what it declared through the media:

  • Regularly requires hares trapping and birds shooting, guilty of damaging crops;
  • Advertise captures as cruelty free interventions, when the high mortality rate of hares is demonstrated even many hours after capture due to shock or to difficulties in acclimatization. Permanent injuries (disabilities) are also frequent;
  • Omits to report that hares, captured by hunting guards (hunters), are deported to hunting areas and made object of hunting;
  • Invites the members with misleading confidential communications to participate in the capture activities without declaring their real intent, reporting to the Arvaia members that the purpose is only to move them in the adjacent fields;
  • Refused, while reporting the opposite, the proposals of associations regarding the installation of passive crop protection, citing economic reasons;
  • They recently organized a capture of hares in the period of suckling, with cubs in the den. The activity was interrupted only thanks to the intervention of local volunteers.
  • ARVAIA does not kill directly, but it is responsible for the death of hares and birds when asking the hunters to protect their crops.
  • ARVAIA communicates falsehoods through the media to drive consensus and maintain an aura of green and zero-kilometers”


“Con riferimento al sabotaggio avvenuto presso la COOPERATIVA ARVAIA in Bologna, A.L.F. rivendica l’azione.
ARVAIA, al contrario di quanto dichiarato dalla stessa attraverso i media:

  • Richiede regolarmente interventi di cattura lepri e di tiro ai volatili, animali rei di danneggiare le coltivazioni;
  • Pubblicizza come interventi non cruenti le catture, quando è dimostrato l’elevato tasso di mortalità delle lepri anche molte ore dopo la cattura per lo shock o le difficoltà di ambientamento. Frequenti anche le lesioni permanenti (disabilità);
  • Omette di riferire che le lepri, catturate ad opera di guardie venatorie (cacciatori), vengano deportate in zone venatorie e fatte oggetto di caccia;
  • Invita i soci con comunicazioni riservate fuorvianti a partecipare alle attività di cattura senza dichiarare in via preliminare il proprio reale intento, riferendo ai soci che la finalità sia solo quella di allontanarle nei campi attigui;
  • Ha rifiutato, pur riferendo il contrario, le proposte di associazioni circa l’installazione di protezioni passive dei raccolti, adducendo motivi economici;
  • Ha organizzato recentemente una cattura lepri in periodo di allattamento, con cuccioli in tana. L’attività è stata interrotta solo grazie all’intervento di volontari locali.
    ARVAIA non uccide direttamente, ma fa uccidere scientemente lepri e uccelli per proteggere i propri raccolti, dissimulando la realtà nella comunicazione ai soci e al pubblico per pilotare il consenso e mantenere un’aura green e km0.”
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