Essex Animal Defenders organised an action in 2020 where two folks locked on to the entrance of the slaughterhouse, halting the works for the day.

This was the culmination of many years campaigning against Romford Halal Meats, that had been found slaughtering ill and injured animals in every occasion that EAD organised an “impromptu visit”.

The action wasn’t taken lightly. They attempted to take evidence to Food Standards Association and no one did anything about it, even with heaps of evidence showing the multiple breach of regulations by the slaughterhouse.

After the lock on action they were arrested an d charged with aggravated trespass, and have now been sentenced to a combined fine of £1,470 (1722 euros, 2036 US dollars).

They have set up a GoFundMe to raise the funds and we believe no one should go under the repression of the state by themselves. If you are able to support them, please send some money to the gofundme and help them get rid of that fine so they can carry on doing their work comfortably.

If you are not able to support them, please share far and wide so as many people as possible hear about it and contribute.

Solidarity is our biggest weapon


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