The folks at Wildfire Magazine have reached out to let us know that the next issue of their magazine is fast approaching but that they need some support in order to finalise it. They are collecting pre-print bulk orders from groups, collectives, bookstores and shops that want to order a bunch of mags to raise funds for their projects. These groups can be worldwide.

Bulk orders of the magazine are at 1 GBP per magazine and minimum order is 30 magazines. If your group or collective wants to raise some funds by selling the magazine, or simply they want to create culture and share an animal liberation based magazine with peers, you can contact Wildfire Magazine for more information.

To contact them send an email to WildfireMagazine (at) riseup (dot) net

If you don’t think you can afford to bulk order, but know grassroots groups, or collectives, or campaign organisers and even bookstores and radical shops, tag them, let them know you’d like to see the magazines stocked by your nearest group, share it with them and encourage some orders!

PLEASE NOTE: Whilst we support the work of Wildfire Magazine, we are in no way connected to the organising, printing or making of the magazine. Please do not direct your questions towards us as we can only redirect you to the email mentioned above.



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